What Our Customers Are Saying

I hired Rabin Contracting for a bathroom and kitchen remodel. I did a search for local contractors in my area. Being new to the area I went online and started my search. Out of the long list of contractors in the area I narrowed it down to three. Not only did I want to get a quote for the prospective contractors, I also wanted to get a feeling of who would be working in my home. To make a long story short I selected Rabin Contractors. After I met with Richard the owner of Rabin Contracting I knew that I was in good hands. He took the time and was generally excited about turning my house into my home. We went over several options of colors, counter tops, tile and plumbing fixtures. His 20 years of experience helped me feel confident in my choices.

During the construction process Rabin Contractors kept the mess down to a minimum. They covered the area with plastic tarps and vacuumed any loose debris each day. I have to say I’ve never seen a contractor do this before. My bathroom was completed and was fully functioning a few days of ahead of schedule. That’s what you call under promise and over deliver! The kitchen was completed right on schedule. I couldn’t be happier with the overall appearance of both of my projects. My friends and family members have asked for his contact information and gladly give his number out with confidence.

To sum it up Rabin Contracting is extremely competitive on pricing. They did what they said they were going to do and completed the job within the time frame they quoted. I am high satisfied with their services and would use them again


Owner, Art of Hydro

Excellent professional construction company. When I moved my business into a new location our contractor was horrible. He kept making excuses and his work was far below what we were promised, he was two weeks behind schedule and costing us a fortune. Then we hired Rabin General Contracting. They were able to complete the work fast and exceeded our expectations, the workmanship was outstanding and he managed to fix what could be fixed from the previous contractor. It was night and day between the two, Rabin General Contracting got it done. He really turned around a horrible situation, and helped us create our dream office/shop. Very methodical and professional. I would highly recommend his services.

Garret Pegler

Vice President, Ghost Shield

About 18 months ago, my business partner and I decided to invest in electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. We began selling online, but needed a retail location. We hired Rabin Contracting to do the whole buildout. We started with what looked like a warehouse and by the time it was done, the place was unrecognizable. Richard managed to transform some white walls and a cement floor into a warm modern and hip Vapor Lounge. Truly amazing work. The best part is my partner bought a very large and expensive antique retail display case. He purchased it based on a picture that he saw on Craigs List. When it arrived, we were shocked. It was a piece of junk. Richard was there working when the display case arrived. He smiled and said, “I can fix it”. We had sunk to much money into the darn thing just to toss it, so I said, “Well, you can try”. I am being totally honest when I say, that this case looks brand new today! He didn’t only restore this case but added some cool features and lighting. I would not believed it unless I saw it. Finally, I also must mention that through the whole process Richard always offered us options of how we could save money. This was very important to us as we were already upside down on the project. We appreciated this very much and I am pleased to say that business is doing well and our customers really respond well to the decor. I will recommend Rabin Contracting to anyone in a heartbeat.


President, The eCiggy

Hi Richard,

Hope this finds you well. I wanted to thank you for remodeling my townhouse. You took a 1970’s look and updated my house to ultra modern.I know with my OCD. I can be tough to work with, you and your team did an amazing job on my kitchen and bathrooms. Scraping my ceilings and add all the recessed lights looks so cool. The new windows really keep the noise out, just like you said. I have giving your name to a few friends, they asked for your number after seeing the house.

PS the dogs really miss you being here every day!!!!


Home Owner

Rabin Contracting is your one stop shop for all your household repairs, construction and fixes. I feel so lucky have found Richard. My wife and I moved into our new home about a year and a half ago. We needed a bunch of stuff repaired when we moved in. I hired some guy who pretty much didn’t know what he was doing. He screwed up everything from the drywall to the to the plumbing, tile work and even the paint! My wife and I were so disappointed. A friend of mine referred me to Rabin Contracting. Richard came over and as we walked through all the repair that I needed, Richard immediately put me at ease. He knew exactly what was wrong and how to fix it. He was so confident and reassuring. He worked with me on price and gave me a “GREAT” deal. Richard worked very efficiently and was very clean. He fixed everything. Since then, Richard has done a bathroom remodel, and next we are going to have him remodel our kitchen. The workmanship is top notch. Thank you to Rabin Contracting!!

Josh Roman

CEO, Exit Sign Warehouse